Green Star Hotel System


What’s the Green Star Hotel System?


The Green Star Hotel system was developed with and test implemented in the hotels of the pilot destination El Gouna. It was developed with the hotels industry in order to create a practical system feasible for the regional conditions of Egypt. The Green Star Hotel system understands hotel operations, creating a system that is ambitious but easy to apply and maintain. It provides a series of practical tools for the hotels to make their operation environmentally-friendly, get their staff trained and motivated and inform and directly integrate their guests directly into their environmentally friendly activities.


What´s so special about it?


The combination of international experience and practical approach. As the first ecolabel, the Green Star Hotel has been developed based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) and has been linked to international organisations and networks for sustainable tourism from scratch.


A pioneer in the Middle East. With the Green Star Hotel system, the first eco-certification system has been developed tailor-made for the local conditions of the region. Based upon those Global Sustainable Tourism Critera (GSTC), taking into account the local climatic characteristics and infrastructure of Egypt, the Green Star Hotel criteria were developed and supplemented with measurable indicators and benchmarks.


How does the system work?


The Green Star Hotel System provides a capacity building programme, practical toolkit and training package to support the hotels in the implementation process. Thus, each hotel is guided step by step to become an environmentally friendly Green Star Hotel.


Green Star Hotel (GSH) Standards

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