Why become a Green Star Hotel?


There are several good reasons


  • Join Green Star Hotel and your hotel will be featured as part of a strong marketing and promotion activities carried out by the national and international project partners.
  • As a Green Star Hotel you will be part of a marketing and promotion network with direct access to the source markets of Egypt.
  • Through the support of international tourism organisations and projects the programme and its certified hotels are also presented prominently in conferences, trade shows, and international workshops and on several web portals.
  • Market your hotel and its environmental activities by using the Green Star Hotel brand and marketing tools.


Protect Egypt’s natural resources


By being a Green Star Hotel you have your own share in the active contribution to protect Egypt’s natural environment and to reduce the impact of your hotel operation on the environment and become an active supporter of more sustainability within the Egyptian tourism industry.


Protecting the attractions that bring more visitors to your destination helps ensure the long term sustainability of your business!!


Saving money


By implementing the Green Star Hotel criteria system, which also includes complex staff training measures, your hotel can reduce operating costs (e.g. reduction of water and energy consumption) and increase operational efficiency.


Gain a competitive market advantage … promote to a wide audience


You can be confident that you will become more attractive to the growing number of environmentally friendly tourists. Also the level of satisfaction among your customers will increase who can actively contribute to the protection of Egypt’s environment without reducing their level of comfort.