How to become a Green Star Hotel?


What’s needed to become a Green Star Hotel?


Joining the Green Star Hotel Programme is simple!

1) You register your hotel by providing data,

2) you subscribe by making initial payment,

3) you receive training by certified GSH professional trainers,

4) you comply with the requested standard by enhancing your hotel management and operation, and

5) you demonstrate compliance through an onsite audit conducted by an independently certified GSH international auditor.

Once the fulfillment of the GSH standard is demonstrated, your hotel is awarded a GSH star rating (3, 4 or 5) depending on the level of compliance achieved.



To register for the Green Star Hotel Programme please contact the Green Star Hotel Programme Office at

The hotel can only get certified if all mandatory criteria are a fulfilled by 100%.

The audits are conducted on-site on the hotel premises by an audit commission, led by an international Green Star Hotel auditor. To support young Egyptian professionals, the Green Star Hotel Programme has started a capacity building programme for young Egyptian professionals.


The participation in the Green Star Hotel Programme is no longer limited to selected pilot destinations or selected hotels. Starting from the first of December 2013, an individual application is now available through the  Green Star Hotel Programme Office.